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Florida Division

United Daughters of the Confederacy®




We collect and preserve rare books, documents, diaries, letters, personal records, and other papers of historical importance relating to the period between 1861 and 1865.


We assist descendants of worthy Confederates in securing an education through scholarships at the Chapter, Division, and General level.


Members serve as volunteers to numerous civic organizations and charities including homeless shelters, homes for battered women and children, hospital associations, and food banks all over the United States. 


We hold annual Memorial Services to remember not only the men who served in the War Between the States but also the Veterans of All Wars.


 The United Daughters of the Confederacy continually exhibits its Patriotism by donating thousands of dollars, volunteering countless hours to Veterans Administration (VA) facilities and by bestowing a variety of Military Service Awards upon the men & women of Confederate descent who have served or are currently serving their country in time of war.


To cherish the ties of friendship across the Organization.
Our Division (state level) hosts annual events across the state including an annual convention, workshop and Gamble Plantation Christmas event. Additionally, chapters conduct  teas, docent experiences, historical field trips and service activities.

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